Band saw BS 350 SHI-E

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Band saw BS 350 SHI-E

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Band saw BS 350 SHI-E

Loc. Tre Fontane - Cisano Bergamasco
Tel. 035/4387911 - Fax. 035/787066
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ER0001 error in the configuration EEPROM
ER0002 error in the data checksum in EEPROM 1 1st. block
ER0003 error in the data checksum in EEPROM 2 2nd. block
ER0004 error in the data checksum in EEPROM 3 3rd. block
ER0005 error in the saved data in the permanent memory
ER0020 emergency active (emergency pushed?)
ER0021 motor overload protections (overheated motor?)
ER0022 open carter
ER0023 broken band
ER0025 blocked inverter (motor under stress?)
ER0026 too high motor absorption
ER0027 not correct position of the tool for starting the cutting cycle (blade locked in the workpiece?)
BS350 SHIEing ED.2010 rev.00 23/57
ER0028 vice pressure problem (vice too open/oil pressure?)
ER0029 blade unblocking -for SIRIO models only-
ER0030 bar end - in automatic cycle - (end of the material?)
ER0031 carriage not in correct position - for starting the automatic cycle -
ER0032 feeder vice (vice too open/closed?)
ER0033 piece counter selection on 0 (for automatic cycle)
ER0034 OIL PUMP DEACTIVATED - for hydraulic models -
ER9999 overflow in the machine timer (it is necessary to switch the system off and then on).
Remove the causes of the anomaly and push any other key to cancel the display code.
15.3.3. - SPECIAL FUNCTIONS of the key MODE (for qualified technicians or assistance staff only)
If you keep pushed the button MODE (10) for more than 3 seconds, you can enter a diagnostics menu
used for the technical assistance.
In this function all LED lights corresponding to the key MODE are on.
If you want to get out from this situation you have to push again the button MODE for 3 seconds.
The parameters consultation is always made by pushing for an instant the button MODE; the display shows:
P1 - historical piece counter of the machine
P2 - hour counter of the band motor functioning
(P3 - current position of the blade
P4 - maximum point of the blade’s return (UP)
P5 - maximum point of the blade’s approach (DOWN)
P6 - point of cutting start
P7 - point of cutting end)

The solution of most inconvenients that could happen during the working can be found by consulting this
The first part concerns the machine working and includes a list of the possible defects with respective
controls that must be made; the second part concerns the inconvenients that can be found by checking the
blade and / or the cut pieces.
If your problem is not included in the forseen ones or you need the presence of qualified technicians, please
get in touch with the manufacturer or the reseller by keeping in evidence this instruction book .
Inconvenients Check
A* The band electric motor does not work 3-4-5-9
B* The hydraulic circuit motor does not work 1-2-3-4-5-9-17
C* The electronical/electric panel does not light on 6-7-8-9
D* No enough pressure in the hydraulic circuit 10-11-12-13
E* The pump of the hydraulic unit is noisy 14-15-16-17
F* The coolant is not sufficient 18-19-20-21
G* The workpiece moves or deformes 22-23-24
H* The cycle don’t start 23
1 = Plug is right inserted in the socket
2 = Main switch
3 = The motor is burnt or demaged
4 = Electric supply is not right
5 = Transmission blocked between blade and blade arbor
6 = Fuses on the primary of the transformer
7 = Fuses on the secondary of the transformer
8 = Transformer demaged or burnt
9 = Connection of the supply cables
10 = Oil level in the tank of the hydraulic unit
11 = Loss from pipes and/or connections
12 = The adjustments screw of the maximum pressure valveis loosened
13 = the maximum pressure valveis broken
14 = Quality of the hydraulic oil (consumed, too much liquid)
15 = There is some water in the oil and / or there is some condensate in the tank
16 = Too high circuit pressure (over 20 BAR)
17 = The hydraulic pump locked (seizure, expansion, oxidation)
18 = The circuit taps are closed
19 = The cooling filters are obstructed or must be cleaned
20 = The electropump does not work (see 3-4-5-9-24)
21 = The tank is empty or dirty
22 = Excesive cutting feed
23 = The vice is not closed enough (or is too closed), the piece is not rightly clamped
24 = The control LUBRICANT OFF is active (pos. 22 / dr. RI0055 for models SH-E, SHI-E)
In case of broken teeth, broken blades or short blade life, lay down the broken band on the floor and check
the body and teeth defects; look for them in the following table and read the solution of the cutting problem .

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